The Autastic Social Club has moved!

As of July 2, we're over at the new space at The CommunityCurrent members should have received information on how to access our new home and seamlessly continue your membership.

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About This Community

Ever feel like you're the only -- the only one who's bored by small talk, the only one who can't abide those hateful seams on socks, or the only one to care deeply about learning all the things? Come hang with people from around the globe who are "the onlys" in their lives too.

When you're part of the Autastic Social Club, you're part of something bigger than any one of us. We are adults who found out we're autistic well into mid-life who gather to make new friends, to see our daily lives with new perspective, and for that glorious rarity of finding ourselves mirrored in someone else.

Join one of the only dedicated spaces for late-identified autistic adults where we can:

  • Drop our masks, 
  • Be ourselves, and 
  • Find supportive community because of who we are. 

If you're new to learning about autistic life, an advocate helping others, or somewhere in between, come find your people.

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Share stories, get tips, and make your life richer, one new friend at a time.

Who Can Join?

The Autastic Social Club is a neurodivergence-positive space that welcomes members from around the world of every gender, sexual orientation, racial identity, nationality, heritage, faith, ability, and more.

  • You learned you're autistic well into adulthood.

  • You're formally diagnosed, self-identified, or questioning.

  • You're comfortable with the give-and-take of a video conference format.

Autastic Social Club Exclusives

Because we care

  • One-World Time Slot

    Monthly gatherings are held at a time that allows simultaneous participation in every time zone. Early or late, we can all be together.

  • Live Captioning

    Membership fees provide live captioning of our group events to support more of the ways we interact.

  • Members-Only Lounge

    The Autastic Social Club Lounge is a companion discussion group to complement our live get-togethers. Keep the good times going any day, any time.

Your Host


Diane J. Wright

Diane J. Wright is founder of, the premier resource and community for late-identified autistic adults. Join us and start living your best autastic life.


Low individual membership fees
(just $5) Voltron together to
make this magic possible for all.

Real People. Real Feedback.

Autastic Social Club IRL

Katy P.*

Autastic Social Club Member

It was new for me to be in a social situation and realize that however I showed up was okay. I really enjoyed that. Thank you!

*Identity withheld for privacy. Images are models.

Maddie S.*

Autastic Social Club Member

I really enjoyed being in a social club with like minded people and of course people who are in the ASD family. Thank you! Thank you!

*Identity withheld for privacy. Images are models.


  • What happens after my my free trial?

    Your first three months of live events are *FREE* to attend. On the fourth month, your membership in the Autastic Social Club -- including Lounge access -- is USD$5 per month. Membership fees directly fund the cost of hosting the Zoom sessions including the costs of live captioning. You're free to cancel at any time.

  • Is this a class or a seminar?

    This is 100% social time. This space is for us to relax, have a laugh, and get to know others who experience life in familiar ways. No lessons. No homework. No pressure.

  • Is this a diverse & inclusive space? and The Autastic Academy strive to be inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, racial identities, nationalities, heritages, faiths, abilities, and more. To fulfill our mandate of serving the community of autistic people who were identified in adulthood, our membership is restricted to those aged 25 and older. Live captioning provided. AAC welcome.

  • Do I have to have something clever to say?

    You do you. We are a "come as you are" community so however you arrive is brilliant. Take breaks. Hang in the chat. Wear a goofy hat. It's all good. Participate as you feel comfortable.

  • Do I have to attend every live event?

    This is your social time. Skip some events or just hang out in the Lounge. Make the most of your membership in ways that work for you.